Sunday, July 15, 2012

Men: How to Approach a Woman? It really works!

Guys, I have been out of the dating fame for a while now, but before I met my wife, I have never had any problems with the ladies. As a matter a fact, I consider myself to be quite the expert on this subject. I use to love to sit back and watch my friends make ass's out of themselves while trying to pick up women. I guess this is how I learned what not to do, LOL. Woman are kind of simple to me, if they like you, or if they are available, they are going to give u some type of invitation. Every now and then you will meet one that you can't read, but if she does not act like u make here stomach turn, you stand a chance. Now, I am going to give you two theories on how to approach a woman, and then I am going to give you a universal way that will work on any decent single lady.

The First Theory is what I call Watch and Strike! Let me explain what that means! If you are just out with the fella's at the bar, and you just want to meet or take a woman home, this is def what you will want to use. This means that you don't care about what type of woman she is, you just want a woman, so check the scene. You are at the club, bar, or at a function. This is a place that you don't have long to make your move, because you do not know how long the chick will be there. Now, you have spotted the woman that just for some reason does it for you. Watch her for a few minutes! Make sure that she is not there with a dude, look at how she is dressed. Is she dressed like a slut, freak, business lady, old maid, casual, princess, well you get it. Watch how she carry's herself, does she look like she is on the stuck up side, wild, loose, friendly, well you get what Im saying.

Now, you have been watching her with her friends or alone, and she seems to be kind of cool, quiet, and sophisticated. She is dressed nicely, but not like some whore. So, you already know that you cannot go over there with some wild, crazy, and/or tacky ass line. As a matter of fact, never approach a woman with a line, just be you. Now, go ahead and put in your head what you are going to say to this chick. You know, Hey how are you doing, you know what Im saying. So now, you have a feel for what type of girl she is, you know you are going to have to approach her as a gentleman. Now, when is the question. If she is with a group of girls, you don't want to just walk up to her, because those girls will end up in your business, or seriously hating on you because you did not want them. You will want to look at her to see if you can get any eye contact. If you can't establish any eye contact, go for the "send her a drink" move. I particularly dont like this move, but this might be your only chance. Now if you have the balls to just go over and talk to her, by all means do it, but if not, go with the drink. Send her the drink with a message, with your number on it by the waitress. If she drinks that drink, more than likely she will call. Now if you decide to go over, introduce your self to her, and kick off the small talk. Now this is not for a wimpy ass man, this is for a skilled player.

Now, if the chick appeared to be wild, and kind of freaky. Forget all of the special approaches, the last thing that you will want to do is approach some party girl like she is the preachers daughter, all you are going to do is end up turning her off. The good time girl does not need all of the small talk. Just walk up to this chick, dont be rude, never be rude to any woman, but be direct. For example, you notice this girl doing body shots with some more chicks right, you don't want to go over there sounding like a biiiiotch. You say "I need to be the one taking some shots off of you", you get what Im saying. Trust me, this will work, but the key is, never be rude to a woman, even a prostitute wants to be respected.

Theory Two, The Nice guy! The nice guy has always been the way to go, at least for me. Now, this is for the guy who wants a decent girl, a girl to settle down with maybe. It really helps if you are the nice guy, it takes less work, and comes off more naturally. You do not have to figure out what type of woman she is, you are going to be the nice sensitive guy regardless. The good part of it is, no matter what type of girl she is, the average girl will still exchange numbers with the nice guy, even if you just end up as friends. Now, the nice guy at the club or bar only wants to approach the woman that has gave him the second look. Never just walk up to the woman, chances are she has been approached all dam day long. You have to separate yourself from the rest. Let's say you are sitting at the bar, and you scope out the chick a few chairs down from you. You are chillin, sippin on a brew or whatever. Glance down at her a few times to see if you can get  few looks. Just watch her, both theories are going to include watching, because you want a decent chick now, thats the whole point of the good guy. You don't to approach a woman that you know is already loose, you are approaching a woman that maybe loose, but not showing it, and is showing you some attention.

This approach may take some time, because you are trying to get in a position to make conversation. As a matter a fact, you will want to go somewhere where your chances of sitting near a single woman is greater. A bar at a restaurant is a great place on a Thursday night. More than likely, during your time there, a single lady will be at that bar looking for some attention, trust me. So create what I call small but fun talk. You know there is always a tv at the bar, so when a crazy commercial comes on, look at her and make a remark about it. This will break the ice, and then you throw something out there, and the next thing you know, you are in a conversation. Before she leaves, you tell her that you have enjoyed your conversation, and would like to continue on another day. There you have it. It worked for be hundreds of times, so i am passing the game along. Give it a shot and let me know how it worked out.


  1. KB - My usual snide comment is that you were not
    rejected enough to feel more comfortable by staying away, but I DO owe you your props for making yourself into that guy who can do this.
    Does it not bother you that guys have to turn themselves into somebody else just to play?

  2. Not really, because its all a game from the start. What I mean is, some women does not give a guy a chance when they are a certain way,so its up to us to try to get our foot in the door. When the foot is in the door you get to know the real person. On the other hand, when it's a one nite stand type of deal, normally the woman does not care about "how a guy really is", so there is no need for all of the conversation, just kind of tell her what she wants to here. If she was that easy, it's not a big deal anyway. For example, if a guys meets a wild one at the club, what does she care if he's lying or being something that he is not, she justs wants a lay. Sorry for being so blunt!

  3. True, approaching women really depends on your intentions and what she's up for. But a real relationship should always be based on genuine behavior

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