Sunday, June 24, 2012

Good Guy Advice: Why is it so hard to find a Good Man?

 So a good man is hard to find right, well, not really! As a matter of fact, I am willing to bet you that every woman by the age of 30, has had a good man approach her but did not want him. Ladies, do you know why you didn't want him? I know why, it was because he did not fit the description of your dream man as far as looks, he didn't have it going on in the money department, or he was just to good to be true. You might not want to admit this, but I'll bet my life that I am right. It could be one the things I just listed, or all of the above. No one wants you to just accept any dude, but you better rethink whats important to you. Everybody does not look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, but you can take it a couple of notches down. Everybody can't be rich, but you can always make more money. Now, I have heard women say that a dude was just to good to   be true, or he was just too goodie goodie.

Now let me get to the real problem, you need to stop being so dam picky for one. And for 2, you need to first learn what the hell you want. Most women do not know what they want. When you get the good dude, you run over him, or you run him away. So now you are calling the good guy that you met weak. Get the F&^k out of here! No matter how good a man is, you will find something wrong with him. It's nothing wrong with him, its something wrong with your crazy ass. So how about this, if you want a good man, get a good man, and treat him like a good man. Now if you want to know how to treat that good man, Ill tell you that later. P.S. Excuse any Typo's!


  1. Hey Mate! Wow what a refreshing blog! I am so glad I stumbled across you! Thanks for making sure us guys are heard!

    Check me out if you have time!

    Thanks again! Keep the posts coming!


  2. Well, no doubt we sometimes run the good guy over but what about the good ladies too???
    Noticed that most men find it hard to get naughty with the good ones, thus they always have a bad girl somewhere in the line.

    We are not the only one picky, men too are. Call me a feminist but I do believe when it comes to dating issues, both parties are to blame.

    Nice write up though.

  3. Yeah, the blame can be put on both parties, but most men want a good woman, at least any decent men. There are a lot of good women that are more passive, but the bad girls will approach a man and go for what she wants.