Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Men, Do you really think your Woman won't Cheat?

You better think Twice!

There have been so many times that I have heard my fellow man say "she aint going nowhere", or "I got that on lock", man please. If your really believe this, your are a real fool. In may single days, most of my friends were females, and yes, most of them had men. I tell ya, if some of the men only knew what their women told me, they would be ready to kill. I mean, I have heard it all from the man not measuring up in the bedroom, to he does not make enough money, he is not attractive enough, and oh yea, Im just dating him until I find the right one. Its so funny to me that some guys actually think that they have it going on, but if they only knew. Over the years I have learned that simple things that we don't do, will drive a woman into someone's arm. You can never stop someone from doing what they want, but you do not have to help them either. Im going to name some of the most simple things that us men forget to do for our women.

  • Don't give her enough attention: I cant tell you how many women complained to me about there man not giving them enough attention. This is one of the main mistakes that we make fellas. Ask her how she is doing sometimes! Message her when she gets home from work. Do that thing she likes without looking for something in return. Make her feel like the cute school girl she use to be.
  • Not enough Quality Time: This is so easy to be fixed. When you think of quality time, it does not have to consist of anything major. Go rent a movie, cook her favorite meal, and grab some wine, and be prepared to be taken for the ride of your life later. If you don't believe me, somebody else will be happy to take your place.
  • Keep yourself Groomed: We like a little eye candy fellas, don't forget that your woman does to. Keep yourself well shaved, smelling good, and dress up every once in a while. Hit the gym and giver her something to look at. Put down the beer and do some sit ups.
  • Take her on trips: Now you can't do this all of the time, but every once in a while, hop in the car, drive to the next city, and get a nice hotel room for the night, and spoil her a little.
  • Be a gentleman: Make your woman feel like a queen. Open the car door for her! Hold her hand when you are out in public, make the other women jealous. You know women like that kind of stuff.
  • Listen: This is probably the most important of them all, shut up and listen. When she gets home from work, just listen to what she has to say about her day. Remember, make her feel like its all about her, and nobody else.
Now these are very simple ways of keeping your woman at home, and happy. How do I know this, well because I use to be the dude doing this for other dudes women, LOL. Man when you treat a woman like this, you will have to run them off from you. I use to have women giving me money out of their boyfriends bank account. I was 22 years old with 50 year old women calling me for advice. They just needed someone to listen. It wasn't even about sex, they just wanted to be treated like a real woman. Take heed to what Im saying fella's! Im a married man now, and I shower my woman, and I get anything that I ask for in return. We can be quite stupid sometimes, but don't loose your woman over simple things.

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